ViaAmalfi is a Private Tour site that provides day tours and excursions from Naples, Sorrento, Salerno, Amalfi, Civitavecchia, Livorno & LaSpezia.

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We offer a range of car services with a licenced English speaking chauffeur that will guide you through the breathtaking coastlines, quaint towns, local cuisine and ancient volcanic ruins of this stunning Italian getaway.

We pride ourselves on the competitiveness of our prices and the quality of our services, and guarantee to provide a memorable experience for all. Our aim is to shine a light on one of Europe’s gems and ensure visitors leave their trip with affection for the corner of the world so close to our heart.

Allow me to introduce myself, hello my name is Carmine Foggia. I am a driver guide for Southern Italy (specialty Naples Area- Pompeii – Amalfi Coast- Herculaneum and so much ).  I have been ranked as one of the top drivers in the Campania Region.  I am the Carmine with See Amalfi Coast. I am the famous Carmine on Rick Stevs book with over 3000 reviews major website Trip Advisor, Tourbylocal and mentioned on the Best Tourist magazine.   Unfortunately, due to many business conflicts with my partner. I have created another website/my own company. I was hoping we can continue to collaborate through Via Amalfi.  Flexible and willing to negotiate a mutual understanding and agreement. I will continue to provide my best customer service and creative itinerary. The team of Via Amalfi has been in this business since 1987. We have changed the name to Via Amalfi as we have re-branded from See Amalfi Coast and Carmine’s Coast in order to re define our business/service. We have re-defined in providing better customer service and various activities to our wide range of our clients. We provide more daily tours, excursions, transfers, and a wide variety of activities to choose from. We are proud to say: Our clients come as guests, tour as friends and leave as family.

History Background

My father started as a tour guide in Naples in 1952 with a single hope to share the Italian culture with anyone who wanted to experience it. In 1989 I joined my father as a certified escort driver and guide in Italy. I focus on my hometown of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

I have been sharing my hometown for over 27 years now and I have come to see that visiting my region can be very commercial. Most who visit never really got to feel or experience the essence of Naples or the Amalfi Coast of what it truly is. This region is filled with culture and experience far beyond the tourist traps most tours limited their guests to.  It is my goal for my guests to experience this part of Italy, not just seeing it.

It is one thing to visit my country but it another thing to experience it. I want my guests to experience the Amalfi Coast and live the Italian culture, even if it is only for one day. But he only way to do this is to get off the beaten path, step back into a world that has not been affected by progress or change and immerse yourself in the culture of this region.


We breakaway from the tour bus experience and traverse small roads overlooking the most beautiful coast on the Mediterranean Sea. When you visit you will enjoy a true Farm to Table lunch experience. We will walk the terraced hillside and see where your food and wine came from and feel what it is like to be welcomed into the home and restaurant of an Italian family. This is the Italian culture experience you are looking for.


When you experience the Amalfi Coast through my eyes you will see Italy for what it really is. Come, let me show you my hometown.That’s only one of the countless reasons why you should contact me and find out more about it. I am positive that if you will come along on one of my tours you will absolutely love it! and at the end of your tour experience, like all my previous guests you will refer to the tour as “Carmine’s Secret tour”  a nickname that was given to me by Rick Steves (American travel writer, author, activist and television personality).Rick Steves travel philosophy is to experience the local people’s way of life and less-touristed areas. Come join me on my secret adventure tour “Carmine’s Secret tour”.


I would like to introduce my team Nancy Polimeni and Mary Talamo.


From an Italian background, Nancy fell in love with the region and has been helping tour businesses grow and succeed for over 15 years. Via Amalfi is the culmination of over a decade of dedicated care and understanding of what people truly love about this wonderful piece of the world.

Mary Talamo, my wife has supported my dream as a driver escort guide for many years. She has accompanied me with many tours where she added her own Neapolitan flare of knowledge and laughter among the guests. Mary’s focus is on the accommodations to our clients who chose to be immersed among the local daily living. Via Amalfi not only offers daily excursions, transfers, taxi, various activities from cooking lesson, trekking, sailing, walking tours and so much more. But private apartments and B&B accommodations.


We have forged a reputation with visitors from around the world as a trusted and reliable tour company with strong local connections. Our knowledgeable and passionate team provides unrivaled tours of the Amalfi coast region. Trek deep inside the volcanic crater of Mount Vesuvius. Walk through the sprawling, haunted ruins of Pompeii.


Take a breath-taking climb up precipitous hills and be rewarded by the picture perfect moment gazing over the cascading, cliffside houses of Positano. Let us help you build the perfect memory of this wonderful piece of the world.


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Project Specialist

Amalfi Coast and Naples Tour

I highly recommend this tour! We booked with Nancy and she made sure we got to see everything we wanted and more! It was filled with rich history, great shopping and wonderful food. We would have never had the amazing experience or gone to such beautiful places had we not done this tour with Nancy’s company. It is totally affordable and has such a luxurious will not regret it!


Flight Attendant

“Amalfi Coast Boat Tour”

We are thrilled that Nancy set this up for us. We thought it was an excellent price for the entire day and would trust Nancy with our next adventure. Joe and Sheryl Gucciardo

Joe and Sheryl Gucciardo,


History through art

Very impressive. I highly recommend ViaAmalfi if you want stress free planning, professionalism, knowledge and great price. Contact their website and ask for Nancy. She is beyond awesome, helpful and knowledgeable.




Thank you so much to Nancy for arranging and organizing a fabulous trip to the Amalfi Coast. I honestly couldn’t have planned a better trip without her. From private cars, tours and amazing recommendations to sites and restaurants, she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and was there for us throughout the trip if we had any questions. It was a trip of a lifetime that my friends and I will never forget.

Randi G,


Incredible day

"Marco”our guide met us as we arrived into Naples by train from Rome. He was an absolute delight and made sure we were comfortable so we could enjoy our adventure out

Federica d,


A Day to Remember

My wife and I took a day trip from Rome to the Amalfi Coast. We couldn't believe how much we saw in just a day! Amazing Experience.

John Galliano,

Once In A Lifetime Trip

We recently travelled to the Amalfi Coast for our honeymoon. The combination of history, natural beauty and delicious cuisine made our trip one to savour!

Daniel Buthmann,

Newly Wed

Amazing Tour

From an early age, I have wanted to visit my ancestral home. This vacation finally gave me a taste of my roots and I certainly will be back for more!

Violet Giamatti,

Law Student

Frequently Asked Questions

We know how to do these tours.

How can I book a tour?

Complete the form under the Tour page with all information required. Once submitted, you will receive an automated confirmation voucher via email.

Why do I need to give you my credit card information?

In order to avoid spam and reassure us of your attendance, we will only need your credit card information as a guarantee. We reserve the right to charge your credit card in accordance with our cancellation policy. It will not be charged unless you fail to provide us with a cancellation notice 7 days prior to the tour date, or you fail to show up without a notice.

I have submitted a reservation form but have not received confirmation voucher. Why is that?

Our apologies for any stress or any inconvenience. At times the confirmation vouchers are sent to your spam folder. We kindly ask to check your spam folder and if you still cannot locate it please contact us via email and will re-send the voucher. We recommend that you add us on your address list so this can be avoided in the future.

What happens if the group does not fill up?

The tour is still executed. We only cancel a tour upon written request in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Do we get charged if the boat does not dock?

Absolutely not! This is out of your control. A fee would be charged if the tour was cancelled for any other reason within the 7 days cancellation period.

What happens if someone in the group is a “NO SHOW” on the day of the tour?

Each party within the group is financially independent (as each submits their own guarantee for service). A No-Show will not affect the rate for the other members of the group. The per person rate will remain the same if someone cancels 7 days prior to the tour date or no show they day of the service. As per our policy, we reserve the right to charge the individual(s) who cancel less than 7 days before a tour or does not show up the day of the tour, for their portion of the amount due for the tour.

How do I cancel my reservation/participation in a group?

As per our cancellation policy, we require a written notification/request to cancel via email 7 or more days prior to the tour date for cancellation without any penalty. Please include the name on the reservation, the number of guests cancelling, the group name/number and tour date.  Once received we will send an email confirming cancellation. Please note if this notification is received less than 7 days prior to the tour date, we do reserve the right to charge you the full amount due for your individual party within the group.

What type of vehicle will you use for the tour?

Depending on the group size, we will either use Mercedes sedan or minivan. If the group is larger than 8 people, we will use multiple minivans or minibus, depending on availability. To see the vehicles we use click here.

Can individuals from different cruise ships join the same tour?

No.  Many risks associating a tour with individuals from different ships, such as different in port timing, and terminal locations. We will not accommodate individuals from different cruise ships in executing a tour.

Where do we locate our driver upon arrival?

Our escort driver will be waiting at the gangway of your cruise ship or outside the cruise ship terminal. The escort driver will be holding up a sign with the group’s name on it. The email that accompanies the voucher you receive at the time of booking will indicate the meeting point for each specific port.

We recommend that you meet onboard before exiting the ship. This way you are all together when meeting your escort driver and the tour can commence much more efficiently. Otherwise, the wait time for others will be 20minutes, after which time the tour will proceed.

What is the tipping policy?

They are not included in the official rates, and really depend on the clients’ satisfaction with the overall tour and guide. Gratuities are viewed as a token of appreciation.
Usual tipping rates in Italy are anywhere from 10% – 25%.

Are prices per person?

Yes. Based on the number of participants registered for the tour. As the cancellation policy states, 7 days or more days prior to the date of tour. The rate per person is locked in 6 days prior to the tour date.

I registered the maximum number of guests for 8 for my group and I have two guest in my personal party. Why does my voucher show the rate for 2 people, not the rate that is shown on the website for 8 people?

The voucher which was received upon booking represents the rate per person based on the total number of people currently registered in the group.

Each time someone joins or cancels the group you will receive an automated confirmation voucher reflecting the new group size, new rate and contact information for the members of the group.

Have not received your email. Why?

We reply to emails within 24hrs. if you have not received a reply please contact as at the following number 1800

Is it true the Vatican is closed on Sundays? If so, what else can be done or arrange for us.

The Vatican museum and the Sistine Chapel are closed every Sunday except for the last Sunday of every month.  The Basilica of St. Peter’s is always open to visit. With luck you might have the opportunity to see the Pope as he gives a Blessing on this day. When the Vatican is closed it will be replaced with other sites to see. If there is something that you wish to see let us know. We will do our best to be flexible and accommodating.

What is the difference between tour guide and a driver-guide?

A tour guide has a license, usually issued by the state/country. A tour guide has attended school to learn all about the sites you will see and is permitted to go into the historical sites with you and provide you with ample historical information. Their services are an additional cost.

As for a tour/escort driver is licensed to operate the vehicle but is not licensed in regards to going on sites. The tour/escort driver has not attended guide school.  However, many of them are well equipped in providing a great deal of information of the sites that you would be visiting. Their services will be more economical. The difference is that they can only provide the information while in the vehicle. Once outside the vehicle, they cannot as they would be fine by the public police.

Are entrance fees included in the original price quotes?

There tours where tickets are included and tours where tickets are not included. Please check the information of each tour.

What is the difference between tour guide and a tour escort in regards to a bus with over 8 passengers?

Bus with driver and tour guide: A tour guide has a license, usually issued by the state/country. A tour guide has attended school to learn all about the sites you will see and is permitted to go into the historical sites with you and provide you with ample historical information. Their services are an additional cost.

Bus with driver and tour escort:  A tour escort is training to be a guide but does not yet have a permit. However, they are well diverse, presently and constantly studying as they are in school. They are ample to provide informative information. They speak Fluent English and very professional. Unfortunately they are only allowed to provide information while in the vehicle.  Their services will be more economically more feasible.

Are entrance fees included in the original price quotes?

There tours where tickets are included and tours where tickets are not included. Please check the information of each tour.

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